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Puncture repairs in Newtownards, Co. Down

British Standard – BSAU159f:1997. The British Standard also has limits on the location, size & number of repairs that can be carried out.


A tyre must always be inspected before it is repaired. If the tyre displays any of the following faults it should not be repaired.
• Illegal tread depth (below 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tyre tread throughout the entire circumference)
• Secondary damage – caused by the injuring object
• Ageing/deterioration of tyre rubber
• Bead damage
• Exposed cords
• Faulty/poor previous repairs


Puncture Location
British Standard BSAU159 also defines the requirements for safe repairs. To remain compliant, we are only able to carry out tyre repairs to the central ¾ of the tyre known as the minor repair area. If the puncture is outside of this area it is too close to the sidewall to guarantee a safe long lasting repair.


Evans tyres charge only £9.50 inclusive of vat


Unfortunately we are unable to repair runflat tyres.
Runflat tyres have reinforced sidewalls which means they can be driven on for a short time after the tyre is punctured allowing you to travel to your nearest tyre depot. When a runflat tyre is puncture it’s hard to tell via a visual inspection that the structure of the tyre wall has been damaged. The punctured tyre could have been driven on for an excessive amount of time or at unsuitable speeds (over 30mph) For this reason, we cannot carry out minor repairs to runflat tyres as the tyre may no longer be safe for use.