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In partnership with Auto Tune NI we can offer a wide range of remapping and tuning services around the Co. Down area.  We also are one of the few companies who offer this as part of our mobile services.

Remapping/Tuning (Click to Read More...)

Along with Auto Tune NI we offer tuning services for most types of cars and vans.  Some of the benefits of tuning are:


  • More horsepower – when the ECU comes from the factory it is configured conservatively including power settings.  It is configured to work it all types of conditions and the same for multiple countries.  Chip tuning can change the fuel to air ratio and the vehicles timing to give your car extra power and torque.


  • More fuel efficiency – as well as more performance car tuning can also be setup to improve your mpg.  This can be at the sacrifice of a bit of horsepower but it depends on what you are looking to achieve from an ecu software upgrade.


  • Cleaner burn – there are a wide variety of different technologies used by vehicle manufacturers to help you get the most out of your fuel, including timing, fuel/air ratio, injection, transmission, etc.  If you tune your car/van you will get a cleaner burn, the more efficiency, more power and less build up you’ll have.  This kind of fine tuning means that you will have to more selective in your fuel choices, but it can pay off in a big way.
EGR (Click to Read More...)

We can also use our tuning diagnostic equipment and software to delete any EGR Valve issues.

Why Remove the EGR Valve?


When your cars original EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system becomes blocked, dysfunctional and effects your economy we can perform an EGR software delete.


It’s a simple easy job to do in most cases. The EGR sorftware delete removes all the problems associated in your cars fault EGR system. Most new electronic EGR systems can cost around £500 plus your labour.


EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve delete can improved performance,thermal efficiency, fuel consumption and smoke emissions.


A software delete can Eliminate carbon build up inside the inlet manifold, which in turn reduces air flow effecting the fuel/air ratio.


Deletes from £120 inc vat



DPF Clean/Delete (Click to Read More...)

DPF Cleaning:

We diagnose your vehicle and repair any faulty DPF sensors, measure the soot load by diagnostics in your DPF and then chemically treat the DPF.  The next stage is to add chemicals to your diesel so that your car efficiently burns it.  Finally we perform a forced regeneration of the DPF and measure the soot load again to make sure that it has been reduced.


The success with the cleaning depends on the condition of your vehicle, it’s mileage and the quality of the diesel that you have used in the past.  If your car/van has lower miles on the clock and you have been using good quality diesel then the more likely of long term success with our cleaning process.


DPF Removal:



We have years of experience working with all types of cars and vans and offer the DPF Removal to solve issues with DPF on modern diesel engines.  Cars have DPF filters so that soot is captured in a canister during city driving and then commonly under motorway driving the diesel is injected through the exhaust to burn the sooty particles and deposited as as instead (commonly known as regeneration).  If your car is showing a DPF fault or not regenerating you may get some of the following symptoms:


  • The car will go into a reduced power mode.
  • Engine warning lights may come up on your dashboard.
  • You may smell exhaust gases inside your car.
  • Your miles per gallon may be reduced.

Once any of the above symptoms happen in your vehicle bring it into Evans Tyres and we will be able to help.


What does DPF removal involve:


  • We will remove the diesel particle filter section from your exhaust.
  • Removal of the Particulate Filter from the DPF Canister and reinstall as done in the factory.
  • We will remap your car’s ECU to remove the software for the DPF – Monitoring System, Diesel Injection System and Regeneration Software.
  • Finally we will erase any stored faults in the ECU and reset the parameters.

As well as removing any symptoms of the DPF failure you will gain increased mpg, improved torque and performance in general.  We also offer a lifetime warranty on the work that is done on the DPF removal.

AdBlue (Click to Read More...)

There are different emission standards around the world, setting specific NOx emission limits that require the use of SCR and AdBlue. We are stockists of Adblue liquids and can also remove the software requiring the car to use Adblue liquids.  Adblue works on a percentage of 5% to every 100 litres of diesel and should be topped up every 2500 litres of fuel. 


If it is not replaced and you ignore your warning light it can cause damage to your catalytic converter or result in having to take it back to the call dealer and pay expensive labour charges.


Avoid the damage to your car and call into Evans Tyres for your AdBlue top up


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